Wizard101: MAX LEVEL FIRE PvP (130): This Jewel Is BROKEN!

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I was super hyped testing this bad boy out in ranked PvP cause its really fun to use and actually viable which is NUTS. I've never seen anybody use this before at high rank in PvP which makes it even more special and unique!

I love experimenting and testing out new strategies and gear setups so this was right up my alley. You can combo it with a lot of things and the 5% pip jewel alone is pretty good because it allows you to use certain gear setups you wouldn't use normally. It works best with triple double pets cause you can just take off the school giver jewel socketed and replace it for pips. Its REALLY good for fire and I'm sure it would work on other schools, especially blade stack schools, cause from testing and what I found on final bastion the triggers are blades, shields, and auras.

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