Universim - How to Become a god

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The Universim is a planet management game where the player takes the role of "God" and guides the development of civilisation. Each planet is randomly generated and can be colonised given enough time and technology. Initially the game starts in the Stone Age where the player needs to build basic shelters and invent fire. Buildings and society evolve as civilization progresses unlocking new buildings and technologies. Firstly an Epicentre must be built and other buildings will be developed around it. Standard housing is built automatically but the location of special buildings like Power Plants and Farms has to be specified by the player. Resources such as food, clothing and power must be managed in order to speed up development, survive long winters and cope with natural disasters. Eventually you can guide your civilisation past the Modern era to the Space era where it is possible to colonise other planets and harvest valuable resources from these planets.

Each planet on Universim is dynamic and evolves throughout the game. There is weather simulation including changing seasons and natural disasters. Meteor crashes and forest fires can wreak havoc upon your civilisation and long winters can slow development. Lots of planets have alien inhabitants, some are friendly but others are not and have to be defended against. Your citizens, known as "Nuggets", have the ability to make their own decisions and do things their own way, this can create dangerous problems and even lead to wars which the player can attempt to stop. As well as managing development the player also has to keep their civilisation loyal and under control. The players influence is based on two elements which are Power and Wrath. Power comes from successful completion of tasks and allows the player to alter the world e.g. change the weather. Wrath is generated when the Nuggets fail to complete tasks, this allows the player to unleash destruction on the world to scare the Nuggets into action.
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