Online Raiding Their Loot Base | Quality Content VS Black Squad (ARK/PVP/PC) (Small Tribes)

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This is the same tribe we wiped out of sunken, they tp'd all their loot to this base while we wiped their sunken base

We went for this straight after packing the sunken fob up, we were all tired and just wanted to fob to scare them and fling turtles into their base, didn't really expect to get in at the time

Sadly i don't have clips of scrolling through all the loot we got :(


Song 1 (0:19 - 3:37) -

Song 2 (3:38 - 6:45) -

Song 3 (6:46 - 9:16) -

Song 4 (9:17 - 11:20) -

Outro Song -


Thanks for watching :)

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