Is ArcheAge Worth Playing In 2017/2018? An ArcheAge MMORPG Review

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● As we're approaching December, and further, the new year, many people are left a little depressed over the poor showing of MMORPGs 2017 had to offer.
There hasn't been a single, good MMORPG released this year - although we've had some great expansions.
Final Fantasy XIV's Stormblood, Elder Scrolls Online's Morrowing, and Guild Wars 2's Path of Fire. All of which have helped their respective games' push ever further.

Now let's rewind a little to 2014's insanely huge hit: ArcheAge!
People were excited beyond understanding at the sight and thought of such a large scale MMORPG that offered the features ArcheAge did.
ArcheAge promised everything - fun crafting, engaging combat, a unique PvP system, huge, incredible naval battles.. The game really had potential. So much potential to be what could have been the largest free to play MMORPG on the market.

Even though the game itself ended up crashing and burning to a degree - I want to go over whether or not I think it is worth playing currently and further, going into 2018. Especially with the 4.0 launch on the horizon.

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