Executioner - ArcheAge Melee Class Review (patch 5.3)

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ArcheAge Executioner class review for everyone out there interested in trying out executioner. This is a very basic guide/review video focused specifically on the occultism skilltree in relation to battlerage and shadowplay.

Discord: https://discord.gg/u7ECCVk

Apologies for the low quality setup in the video. I have very little time to actually make these videos so my focus is mostly on getting the information out there to you guys in the fastest way possible. I understand that the videos are super long and I am trying to break them down as much as possible. However, in this game nothing can be explained in 10 minutes or less without me having to make 5 separate videos for a single topic in order to cover the basics.

Regardless I hope you guys enjoy the video and find something useful in this mix of information.

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