Archeage Unchained: Things to do at Max Level

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A guide on what you can/should be doing once you hit lvl 55! For those that want to get in and get out, check out the following timestamps:

0:55 - Hiram Dailies/Upgrading your lvl 50 Hiram/Explorer's Gear
4:06 - Teleport Trick
5:10 - Honor Dailies/What you need Honor for
14:30 - Dailies for Gold/How to get Gold
18:50 - Tip to farm ship upgrade components
20:30 - Ynys Guardian Ring/Dream Ring
23:00 - Ayanad Library Farming
27:20 - Kyrios/Arena Dailies/Titles/Stat Migration
30:30 - I can't read, or do math
35:35 - What you should be working on/Progression
39:20 - Boats/Ships
43:50 - Farm Cart/Farm Wagon/Vehicles/Trade Packs
46:00 - Blue Salt Questline/Dailies for Gilda
48:25 - Upgrading your Property/Houses

Apparently, I don't know what Wool is; Wool != Cotton. XD


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