Archeage Unchained - Making a Basic Costume

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Check what you need in folio (press O).
Search for "Costume". Under Synthesis Costume, you will find the 4 Basic Costumes.

Item 1: Combat Costume Design
Look for Gilda Star Design Merchant in your city; Austera or Marianople. Buy the design for 300 Gilda Stars.

Item 2: 50 Handicraft Yarn
Weaving Loom. Need 50 Goat Wool + 15 Yata Fur + 15 Bear Fur

Item 3: 3 Beautifully Colored Fabric
Weaving Loom. 30 Fabric + 3 Small Root Pigment

Item 4: 1 Soft Stem Pigment
Small Leaf Pigment + 9 Onyx Archeum Essence + 40 Cactus + 40 Mint + 20 Pearl + 5 Pepper
Find a Regal Alchemy Workbench at one of the NPC houses in starter areas.

Craft the costume of your choice!
Regal Cloth Armor Form can also be found in the NPC house in starter areas.

You can reskin your costume using Fusion Alembics.
Buy 2 Fusion Alembics from Marketplace (5 diligence coins each) or from Auction House.
Turn your image costume into an image item with 1 Fusion Alembic.
Press I and click on Item Fusion at the bottom. Check the items before you click Change!

To rank up your costume, use Synthium Stones.
You can get Synthium Stones from bosses in Greater Dungeons.

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