ArcheAge Unchained - Learning about Vocation Badges (Blue Salt Brotherhood Questline 3)

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Keep doing your Green Quests!
In this questline, you will learn more about Vocation Badges and other proficiencies!

0:08 Learning about Vocation Badges
1:00 Impressing the Patrons
1:30 Building Business
1:45 Crafting Desert Fire
2:15 High Quality Merchandise
2:30 A Promising Future
2:50 The Eastern Branch
3:12 Crafting Solar Glow
3:50 A Fine Pairing
4:20 The Eastern Curriculum
4:45 The Missing Screw
5:45 The Proper Tools
6:10 A Questionable Exchange
7:00 The Windscour Wainwright
7:43 Greasing the Wheels
8:25 The Proper Polish
8:40 Put Those Skills to Use
9:20 Hota's Strong Wheel

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