ArcheAge Unchained - How to get started on Fishing

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So far I've learnt of 2 ways to get started on fishing. Please check the description below to see which one is for you.
Press O to open the folio and check for materials.

►Method 1: (Recommended for experts)
0:08 1. Craft a rowboat. This gives you a basic fishing rod.
This uses 10 Lumber + 5 Labor at a Carpentry Workbench.

0:39 2. Grab the Hero Hall statue buff for +2000 proficiency buff.
You will need 2000 Leatherwork to do the next step.

0:51 3. Upgrade your Dawnsdrop Boots to Dewy Dawnsdrop Boots.
You get the whole set of Dawnsdrop gear when you finish your Blue Salt Brotherhood questline.
1 Dawnsdrop Boots + 8 Moonlight Crystals + 10 Eel + 110 Handicraft Yarn

1:20 4. Upgrade your Basic Fishing Rod to Novice's Sturdy Fishing Rod.
1 Basic Fishing Rod + 1 Crafted Fishing Hook + 1 Basic Fishing Line + 1 Sturdy Steel Reel + 2 Opaque Polish
If you are crafting a Crafted Fishing Hook, you can find Regal Handicraft Desk in starter areas.

1:59 5. Craft Sports Fishing Lure.
15 iron ingots + 10 Labor (Handicraft Kiln)

►Method 2: (Recommended for beginners)
2:15 1. Talk to Fisherman Santiago in Seachild Wharf, Cinderstone Moor or Fisherman Riko in Caernord, Ynystere.
Simply follow the questline.
The quests explain how fishing works in the game!

2:15 The Joys of Fishing
3:39 Crafting a Fishing Pole

You can either fish or buy these sea creatures from the Auction House. Check the climate if you are going to fish for them!
4:22 Snapper and Sea Bass
5:26 Ricefish and Rainbow Trout (Arid)
5:52 Barracudas and Red Snappers (Tropical)
6:22 Herring and Squid (Subarctic)
6:51 Baiting Sturgeon
7:32 Catching a Trophy Sturgeon

8:18 Finally, find a fishing raid & fish using the new boots & fishing rod!
You only need to finish this last quest if you want a +1000 fishing proficiency title, Discriminating Tastes.
If you see School of Fish, chum the area.
When it turns into Fish Feeding Frenzy, you can throw your lure in & wait for a bite!
Pay attention to the buffs under the fish. Follow it using your fishing rod skills. Gotta be fast! Good luck!

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