Archeage Unchained - How to get Pretty Darn Adorable title + Otherworldly Pet Hotel

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You must get these specific pets, in any order & raise them.
Watch out for the guards if you are going to a foreign continent!

►What to do?
0:08 1. Tabby Sabrefang
Found in Jaun's Ranch, Villanelle in Haranya. Costs 10s.
0:29 2. Steelspine Hoglet
Found in Communal Ranch, Sunbite Wilds in Haranya. Costs 10s.
0:56 3. White Wolfhound
Found in Dawnsliver, Marianople in Nuia. Costs 10s.
1:15 4. Mini-Miner
Found in Andelph, Airain Rock in Nuia. Costs 10s.
2:21 Raise your Battle Pets
Bring them back to your continent & use Vita Root + water to raise them!
You should get the Pretty Darn Adorable title + Otherworldly Pet Hotel!
- Stores up to 30 Battle Pets, Powerstone Pets and/or Miscellaneous Pets!

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