ArcheAge Unchained Gear Guide - How to Upgrade Your Starter Gear To Hiram Gear! (2019)

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In this ArcheAge Unchained Gear Guide, I show you how to upgrade your starter gear all the way into Hiram endgame gear in a few quick and easy steps.
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For more tips watch my ArcheAge Unchained Beginner Guide: https://youtu.be/gCKTOUeORWQ

This is an ArcheAge Unchained beginner guide. If you are more seasoned you probably already know of the information I present in this video.

To upgrade your gear in ArcheAge Unchained you will need your Explorer's gear set. Then infuse it to maximum rarity. After that, you can awaken the gear. If you don't like the stats the awakening process added you can change these by using your change attempts or by using an adventurer's even stone to salvage the gear and start over.
Eventually, your quest/starter gear will be awakened into the Hiram end-game gear. Make sure you rolled the right stats before you turn it into Hiram gear as it can no longer be salvaged after this.

It is also possible to temper and socket your gear, but I will leave that for a future ArcheAge Unchained guide.


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